KHMARA Solutions
Khmara Solutions is a technology consulting company in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Our area of expertise are cloud based solutions from design to operation.
It includes web and mobile applications.
SDLC is based on the latest proven technologies like Docker, continuous integration and automated quality assurance.
Khmara Solutions provides a wide range of consulting services.

Design, development, operation and support of high load Internet services and web applications.

World-class architecture, creation and support of cloud based infrastructure and related software products.

Enterprise solutions
Business Applications, BI, BPMS, Web-Applications/Sites.

Architecure: Docker, Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure.
Technology Stack (Backend): .NET, .Net Core, Java EE, PHP.
Technology Stack (DB): Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle.
Technology Stack (Frontend): HTML/CSS/JS, Vue, SCSS/SASS/Less, Vuetify, Bootstrap.
DevOps: Jira, Azure DevOps, Octopus.

Our family


Owlweb Team

Bookkeeper SaaS

Our projects


A2v10 platform

platform for fast development of
✓ business processes automation systems
✓ analytics and accounting systems
✓ on-line commerce solutions

Contact Us

01010 Kyiv, Ukraine
4-6 Michail Omelyanovich-Pavlenko street, office 808
☏ +380 67 243 00 01

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